leadership modular series

The series comprises six stand-alone training modules, focusing on specific competencies that leaders can apply immediately to create a work environment that addresses the needs of today's workforce. Participants in the Leadership Modular Series gain powerful insights and leave with tools and skills to help them lead, support, and inspire a talented and engaged workforce.

About the Series

Designed for leaders who do not have time for multiple days of training, the Leadership Modular Series allows focus on one specific leadership competency, a half-day at a time. Participants in the Modular Series will gain the ability to inspire trust, create a crystal-clear strategy for achieving team goals, and create an environment where productivity and accountability define the culture.

Drawn from the proven content of FranklinCovey's leadership development program, the Leadership Modular Series includes the following modules:

Length of Training:

What You Receive:

Continuing Education Credits: