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The greatest impact of The 4 Disciplines of Execution isn’t simply the ability to produce breakthrough results. With the 4DX metrics and measurement system, organizations and leaders can sustain (and even improve) those results over time.

How do you know if your 4 Disciplines implementation is on track? If you can’t measure your implementation, you can’t effectively manage it. FranklinCovey created a metric called Execution Performance Score (XPS). This metric tells you how much energy and engagement you’re putting against your strategic targets and whether or not you’re on pace. By tracking this metric, organizations and leaders can tell at a glance how their teams are progressing toward achieving their goals. The higher the Execution Performance Score, the greater the results and the ability to sustain and improve them.


The Execution Performance Score (XPS)



There are four components of XPS:


1. Achieving lag measure (WIG®) results.

How effectively the first three components are enabling your team to achieve its WIG.


2. Optimizing lead measure performance.

How consistently the lead measures are being performed.


3. Fulfilling high-impact commitments.

The team has consistently made commitments and followed through.


4. Establishing a cadence.

The team has established a cadence of meeting weekly to focus on the scoreboard.



The calculation of XPS consists simply of identifying the score for each component and then adding them together. The XPS score can then be used to
give you insights into your team’s performance and the results.


Instilling these disciplines is the most important outcome for leaders of leaders. Although the primary WIG will always be the most immediate and most visible target, the greater achievement is your ability to establish a culture of execution — one where WIGs can be achieved again and again, regardless of fluctuating conditions. XPS is a powerful metric that can guide you to this outcome.


As one of our largest clients remarked, “We don’t even think of 4DX as a methodology anymore. It’s just the way we execute.”




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