Create a System of Execution

Achieve your business objectives again and again by developing a consistent approach to strategy execution.

Develop Your Team’s Capability to Execute on Your Business Objectives

Successfully executing key strategies is a critical part of driving strong business results. Developing your people’s strategy execution skills and systems can have a dramatic impact on your organization’s overall performance.

The key to consistent execution is process. Teams need clear expectations for performance that define which activities and behaviors are desired and which ones create organizational risk. They need accountability systems that help them measure progress and achieve their goals. And they need to invest in the right tools, resources, and frameworks so their team can deliver high-quality work on schedule.

Developing a system of execution can help you transform pockets of great performance into consistent achievement throughout your organization. FranklinCovey’s principle-backed content and proven execution system will improve employees’ performance, help them execute company strategy, and drive stellar business results.

Key Strategy Execution Skills

Strong execution starts with clearly defining your organization’s goals and creating the right incentives to ensure your people meet those goals.

Setting Team Goals

Engages teams by letting them help set goals they feel personally responsible for

Achieving Team Goals

Creates collective action by gamifying goals with a highly visible scoreboard

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4 Steps to Refine and Execute Your Team Goals

Use our guide to bring laser focus and clarity to your goals.

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The 4 Disciplines of Execution®: Execute Your Must-Win Strategies

Learn how to close your execution gaps by focusing on the highest priority work and driving behavioral change.

Customer Stories


Increasing Sales Performance at Scale

Whirlpool was looking for a proven process to increase their sales employee’s productivity. See how The 4 Disciplines of Execution® helped narrow their focus on selling and targetable actions — including an incremental $5.7M in the first 90-days alone.

Alamo Colleges

Engaging Students to Persist

Alamo Community Colleges was focused on keeping students enrolled in college and engaged on their educational path. See how they achieved a 17% increase in the number of degrees and certificates earned within just 8 months, significantly exceeding their original goal.

Dekalb Medical Center

Improving Patient Satisfaction Scores

Dekalb Medical Center used The 4 Disciplines of Execution® to achieve breakthrough results with their patient satisfaction scores. See how they moved from being in the nation’s 3rd percentile to the 99th percentile.


Achieving the Highest Results Ever

Few industries are hit as hard as hospitality in these uncertain times. See how Marriott is able to focus and engage their employees on the most important metrics, even while their world is in flux.

The Power of the Journey

Lasting behavior change comes from the inside out. Who people are, and how they view the world, impacts how they engage and lead others. Our Impact Journeys combine our exclusive content, expert consultants, and powerful technology to help people change both their mindset and their behavior.

Explore a sample Impact Journey excerpt below.

Aligning Your Teams and Processes for Success

  • 01 Excelerators

    Align the Six Rights

    To meet the needs of a new environment, leaders have to determine how they will execute consistently by aligning six key systems: People, Decisions, Resources, Structure, Rewards, and Processes.

    Timing: 30-60 min

  • 02 Jhana

    Managing Process Improvements from a Strategic Change

    Help managers learn to make process improvements when responding to a strategic company change.

    Timing: 20 min

  • 03 Jhana

    How to Lead Your Team in Pursuit of a Goal

    Follow these tips to help give your team the best shot at achieving their goal, no matter what obstacles emerge.

    Timing: 15 min

  • 04 InSights

    One Struggle to Solve

    Watch this video about innovation: how it is born of struggle, how we are all innovators, and how opportunities to innovate are all around us.

    Timing: 15 min

  • 05 Whitepaper

    Executing in Uncertainty and Complexity

    Bestselling author and strategy execution expert Chris McChesney outlines how The 4 Disciplines of Execution® can help leaders drive results, even during uncertain and ambiguous times.

    Timing: 30 min

Turn sporadic performance into a system of predictable results.

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